drive a Ferrari

on a real RACETRACK

in Las Vegas!

With unrivaled speed, power and undeniable beauty, Ferrari cars have always spoken for themselves. Experience what makes Ferrari so special by driving a Ferrari 458 Italia on a racetrack SPEEDVEGAS.

Drive a Ferrari 458 Italia!

202 mph

570 HP

3.4 sec

An Instrument of Pure Speed

Widely regarded as the best mid-engined supercar of the past five years. Beautiful, extremely fast, delightful to drive – the Ferrari 458 Italia is everything a red-blooded supercar should be. 

About the experience

  • Open 7 days a week.
  • Located just 10 minutes from Las Vegas.
  • Includes helmet, professional ride-along driver
  • Bring a guest to watch and take photos
per lap, 5 lap minimum
  • Choose your laps (5 lap minimum)
  • Gift certificate available

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SPEEDVEGAS lets you drive your dream car the way it was meant to be driven: Free from the confines of speed limits and traffic.

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Explore The SPEEDVEGAS Racetrack

The SPEEDVEGAS racetrack was designed and built exclusively for motorsports enthusiasts by a team of award winning track designers. Find out why SPEEDVEGAS has earned a reputation as the most thrilling driving experience in Las Vegas:

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Tips from the Track Pro

"As you approach the start line, get hard on the accelerator, reaching your maximum possible speed near the end of the 2,650' straight.

Work your way to the inside as you near the end of the straight, setting up for Turn 1." racing experience las vegas

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