Tank 2 Lap Ride-Along Package

Prepare yourself for a ride you wont forget in a real tank. Our TSO (Tank Safety Officer) will take you for a ride in our APC. Up to four guests can be added in addition for $25 per person (One of the additional guests must be at least 18 years old. Everyone must be at least 10 years old.)

PRICE: $99

(service fees not included in price)

This Package Includes

2 Lap Ride-Along in an APC Tank with an Experience Specialist
Access to the Pit Area
Helmet & Safety Equipment Provided

Available Upgrades

Additional laps
Additional experiences

What to Expect

We've selected the most extreme Supercar and off-road capable machines on the planet. No prior experience or equipment is necessary. Everything you need to have a safe and thrilling experience is included.

Choose an Experience

Choose from our fleet of Supercars, Off-road ready trucks and our APC Tank.

Dress Code

Wear comfortable clothes, and close-toed shoes.  No slip on shoes, sandals or flip-flops.

Age: 18+ to Drive

You must be at least 18 years old. Drivers must hold valid license from the country of their residence.

Age: Under 18 Years

You must be 60lbs (27kg) or 6 years old to ride in a supercar and 4'10" tall to ride off-road.

Insurance & Helmets

These are included with your experience.


Bring friends or family to watch from our viewing terraces.


Each car will have one guest and one of our experience specialists.


No prior experience needed! Choose your car, arrive and drive.