drive a Nissan

on a real RACETRACK

in Las Vegas!

Listen up because you’re in for a treat―an unparalleled, tooth-rattling treat. When you first hear the name, Nissan, your first thoughts may not be high-performance supercars, but as soon as you grip the Nissan GT-R steering wheel, you’ll change your mind almost as rapidly as the GT-R hits corners. Packing upwards of 600 horsepower under its hood, this all-wheel drive speed savage will grab onto the track and never let go, sending all the power from its twin turbo V6 engine to infinity and beyond belief. Achieve the inexplicable ride of a lifetime.

Drive a Nissan GT-R!

193 mph

545 HP

2.7 sec

World's Fastest accelerating production car

As an instrument of pure speed, it’s a thing of beauty. This 550HP car isn't called Godzilla for nothing and is capable of running on the same track as cars costing four times as much. 

About the experience

  • Open 7 days a week.
  • Located just 10 minutes from Las Vegas.
  • Includes helmet, professional ride-along driver
  • Bring a guest to watch and take photos
per lap, 5 lap minimum
  • Choose your laps (5 lap minimum)
  • Gift certificate available

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Explore The SPEEDVEGAS Racetrack

The SPEEDVEGAS racetrack was designed and built exclusively for motorsports enthusiasts by a team of award winning track designers. Find out why SPEEDVEGAS has earned a reputation as the most thrilling driving experience in Las Vegas:

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Tips from the Track Pro

"As you approach the start line, get hard on the accelerator, reaching your maximum possible speed near the end of the 2,650' straight.

Work your way to the inside as you near the end of the straight, setting up for Turn 1." racing experience las vegas

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