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World's Most Epic Bachelor Party

race exotic cars on track in vegas!

An Epic Bachelor Party

Skip the cliche and kick things up a notch with a bachelor party that's truly memorable: an exotic car driving experience at SPEEDVEGAS. This is not your ho-hum bachelor party; get ready for the ultimate male bonding experience.

Starting at just $195 per person.


Top Bachelor Party Experiences

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Can't make up your mind? Choose from any of our mind-blowing driving experiences on arrival. The choice is yours.

What to expect

We've selected the finest and most exclusive exotic and muscle cars on the planet for your bachelor party experience. No prior experience or equipment is necessary. Everything you need to have a safe and thrilling experience is included.

Choose Your Car

Choose from our fleet of track-ready exotic & muscle cars.

Dress Code

Wear comfortable clothes, and close-toed shoes.

Age: 18+ to Drive

You must be at least 18 to drive; 60 lbs (27kg) or 6 years old to ride.


Provided for your use during your experience at no additional cost.


Included in your experience at no additional cost.


Bring friends or family to watch from our viewing terraces.

Driver License

Drivers must hold a valid driving license in the country of their residence.


No prior experience needed! Just arrive, choose your car, and drive.

Absolutely incredible experience
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US Air Force Pilots @ SPEEDVEGAS
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Racing Experience Exotic Cars Vegas
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Coaching Experience
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Bachelor Party at SPEEDVEGAS
Bachelor Party Las Vegas
Bachelor Party Destination
Bachelor Party Las Vegas
Aerial View of SPEEDVEGAS
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Super fun and super fast!
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Bachelor Party: All Smiles @ SPEEDVEGAS
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Bachelor Party in Vegas
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The SPEEDVEGAS facility
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cars on track at speedvegas
It was a blast!
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Aerial View of SPEEDVEGAS
aerial view speedvegas

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Drive Exotic Cars at SPEEDVEGAS: $49+

SPEEDVEGAS lets you drive your dream car the way it was meant to be driven: Free from the confines of speed limits and traffic.

drive Ferrari las vegas

Drive a Ferrari 458 Italia


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drive Lamborghini las vegas

Drive a Lamborghini Huracán


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drive Lamborghini las vegas

Drive a Lamborghini Gallardo


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drive Mercedes las vegas

Drive a Mercedes AMG GT-S


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drive Nissan las vegas

Drive a Nissan GT-R


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drive Porsche las vegas

Drive a Porsche Cayman GTS


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drive Porsche las vegas

Drive a Porsche 911 GT3


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drive Shelby las vegas

Drive a Shelby Mustang GT


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drive Audi las vegas

Drive a Audi R8


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drive Corvette las vegas

Drive a Corvette Z06


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