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April 3, 2012
I own a Porsche 996 and a Cayenne. After driving both the Ferarri 458 Italia and the 997 Turbo S, I told my wife that the good news was that I was no longer obsessed with Porsches (though the Turbo was a thrilling beast on the track). Now, I want a Ferrari. Hitting 120 MPH in the Italia and screaming into the turns was hands down the best thing I've ever done on four wheels. I'll be back - for the Aventador! Thanks!!!!
March 29, 2012
Taking the most current exotic cars to date to there limits with fantastic instructors at a price that can't be beat.
March 29, 2012
I have already suggested you all to everyone I know. I've said that if they go to Vegas, you all are a must see/stop destination. You guys are world class all around, from greetings, to pre-track sessions, to in-car coaching and even post track sessions. I definitely plan to visit again the next time I am in Las Vegas. Vegas Supercars is well worth the price!!
March 29, 2012
What an outstanding experience!! The friendly staff and instructors were great!! This will be a stop for me any time I come to LV. The cost was well worth the experience, I could lose the same amount on the crap table in a fraction of the time, and if I won at craps it still would never come close to the awesome time spending an afternoon at Vegas Supercars!
March 29, 2012
Hands down the coolest thing in Vegas! I can't wait to come back
March 28, 2012
I drove 5 cars and the racing experience was one of the most exhilarating and exciting things I have ever done. The staff and the course let me drive the awesome cars to the max. If anyone is into performance and power, this is a must do!
March 27, 2012
My instructor (Shane I think) was awesome. He really helped me improve my line and with his guidance I was able to push myself to drive better and faster! So much fun driving the Aventador! Will definitely be back!
March 27, 2012
A very nice day, nice instructors, a overall very good experience, would strongly suggest all with an interest for excotic cars to have the experience. :-)
March 27, 2012
Was really nice... a fantastic experience. Maybe, I will go back to las vegas em 2014. Vegas Supercars again!!!
March 27, 2012
Best experience of my life. The Aventador is a beast!!!
March 27, 2012
On March 27th 2012, I drove the Ferrari F430 F1 and the Lambo Gallardo. Being able to participate in something this is beyond words for me to try to explain and a definite dream come true. I also liked the way you could go around & take pictures of all the cars, as well as sit in them before driving. This was an unforgettable experience. I would definitely do this again. The "seat of the pants" power of the Ferrari F430 F1 & the Lambo Gallardo is something that is hard to describe to friends. I also rode in the Z06 Corvette for the drifting & high speed run. Rudy is quite the drifting driver and very professional. Seeing me on video in all 3 cars still brings a smile to my face, when I show it to friends. If you are on the fence on whether to do this or not, please don't hesitate. Yes, it is not a cheap thing to go do but I feel worth every penny. Let's face it, where can you go with the option to drive 14 supercars on a custom race track! Great job to Vegas Supercars for making this something anyone can do and for supporting our military with an extra driving lap.
Chi Leung
March 26, 2012
So wonderful with the profesional trainer which accomkdate with every individual need
March 26, 2012
Amazing! i reccomend this experience to everyone who loves cars! it´s just spectacular!
March 26, 2012
Bear was an awesome driving instructor. He really helped me feel at home in the car and was very encouraging. The driving experience itself was incredible, definitely a must for any gear-head or car-lover. The Aventador is worth every penny!
March 26, 2012
It was totally awesome !! Defenitely i will come back for more !!
March 25, 2012
I had an amazing time on the track. Got to drive two cars and had great instructors! I will definitely be back soon!
March 25, 2012
This was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. Driving the Audi was amazing but surprisingly, it was even more fun to ride along with a pro driver. He can take the cars to lengths you never thought possible. I will definitely be doing this again when I come back to Las Vegas
March 25, 2012
WOW! Just an awesome no other!
March 25, 2012
Bear was a great instructor in the 458. HAd a blast and lived the dream. Will be back again. Tomorrow would not be soon enough...
March 25, 2012
March 24, 2012
My girlfriend surprised me with this for my birthday. What a great gift! I consider myself an car guy and have always admired exotic cars when I would see them. The chance to drive one, around a race track, was a memorable experience to say the least! Thank you so much for a great time!
March 24, 2012
Had a great experience, but would have loved to had done 2 more laps. Also loved the ride along.
March 24, 2012
I would like to thank each and everyone at Las Vegas Vegas Supercars for the superb day that I had. The experience was fantastic. I will be back, and I will be booking only one car for 50 to 60 laps, so the learning curve will be flattened out. Thanks so much again. Kelly from Canada
March 24, 2012
Had a blast would do it again in a heartbeat.
March 24, 2012
One of the best track driving experiences I have ever had. The support staff were friendly, and helpful. The technical briefing class was just the right time length and made informative and fun to listened to. The driving instruction ride along was excellent-helpful in negotiating a new road course yet encouraging at the same time. The road course design was challenging yet easy to learn after several laps. My car (Ferrari 430)was well maintained, clean inside and out, tires in pretty good shape and a blast to drive - quite frankly I didn't want to stop and was glad I bought some extra laps. Would (& have) recommended Vegas Supercars to all my friends whenever they visit Las Vegas.