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February 28, 2019
Drifting experience was awesome! Can't wait to bring my friends back for my birthday!
February 28, 2019
We are from.Canada and had no problems ordering or dealing with staff. We had a great time last Saturday at your Las Vegas location. Very well organized and provided a very satisfying driving experience. Very easy to order, friendly knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended.
February 28, 2019
Pure bliss
February 27, 2019
My husband had so much fun!! This was a big surprise to him and he still can't stop raving about it. We had to watch the video a few times last night! I cannot thank you enough for giving *** such a wonderful experience. He is the type of person who is always doing everything for everyone else and I wanted him to have an experience just for him. You really outdid yourselves! I have told many friends about this and they are all now very interested in Vegas Supercars. Thank you!!
February 26, 2019
Amazing facility. Extremely professional & helpful staff. Had the pleasure of working with Michael Hayes who helped me push the GT3 for a best lap time of 55 seconds. A huge accomplishment for my first time ever on a race track. This was only made possible by his professional guidance and teaching skills. Will highly recommend the experience to family and friends and definitely visit when I'm back in Vegas!
February 26, 2019
The experience was amazing. The cars are nice and fast, and the instructors are very knowledgeable. I had a great drive and also I felt safe in the car. Thanks so much.
February 26, 2019
Absolute blast - if you're a racing or car enthusiast - this is a must do if you're in Vegas. Staff was friendly and helpful and my driver coach *** provided clear and precise instruction. I will certainly be back.
February 25, 2019
Awesome experience! It's probably a good thing that I live in Kansas as this could become habit forming..😁
February 23, 2019
I had a great time. the experience was awesome and I would do it again. We were treated very well by all the staff. Thanks
February 22, 2019
Awesome experience!!! Wish I could have kept driving!!
February 21, 2019

Your instructors were very helpful and knowledgable from class to track, it gave this old man quite a thrill to be on the track.

February 21, 2019
Great day at the track. The in car instruction will have you blasting away in short order. Thanks to all the staff and especially *** my instructor. Also thanks to my wonderful wife for booking my great track day.
February 21, 2019
Had a great time all the instructors were very nice friendly and helpful and they have an excellent array of cars to pick from thx for a great experience.
February 20, 2019
This was my 4th time driving. Like always I had fun *** my instructor was nice. This time i drove the Ferrari 488. Fast car, very good handling. Need speed just got the right place. Tks guys
February 20, 2019
My experience at Vegas Supercars was nothing short of amazing. My racing pro *** was awesome and fully delivered on the super car racing experience. The customer service was great, from the rep at the counter to the mc to the Hellcat driver. Can’t rave enough about the exhilarating experience and will be sure to go back and try to set a track record soon.
February 19, 2019
*** was awesome!!!! He was very knowledgeable and helpful in the aspect of being nothing but professional and given me the exact experience that I was looking for. Ride along with 3 friends was everything we wanted !!! So much fun and funny watching the videos. Again can’t express how much *** was all about the customer!! Bringing my wife today and my son in law this summer
February 19, 2019
Great experience all around. Excellent instructor made it a learning experience aside from driving a stunningly fast car. This was my third time there and I plan to return in the future. I always come away with lessons that carry over to everyday driving. Such a blast! There was an issue with the video and the customer service people worked with me to quickly reach a satisfactory resolution. I highly recommend this if you like to drive with spirit and definitely buy the video. It is so much fun to relive the experience later on!
February 19, 2019
The whole experience was awesome
February 19, 2019
The entire staff was professional and courteous. I enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend anyone who is a car enthusiast to visit VS.
February 19, 2019
It was an amazing experience to drive these cars and the instructions that were given by the instructor on how to drive these cars. I had *** as my instructor in the Lamborghini aventador s and the Audi R8 V10 plus. Greet instructions on how to drive these cars never been in a sports car or supercar will definitely be back to drive the McLaren 720S!!! And probably the Lamborghini again.
February 19, 2019
All round great day. Drifting was great.
February 19, 2019
The experience was great. Smooth check-in, training, and driving. Excellent trainer and ride along driver.
February 19, 2019
I really enjoyed myself. My trainer was awesome. I will be back.
February 19, 2019
Staff was great, Great experience. Lap is a bit short so 5 laps is quick at a minute a lap.
February 19, 2019
Great time, great instructor can't wait to do it again.