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September 1, 2023
I had a Great Experience. Alex was an Awesome!!, instructor. Although the course was challenging, five laps went really, really, quickly. If I can afford it, I will do it again the next time I am in Vegas...
August 10, 2023
One of the best days of my life.
August 8, 2023
*** was able to make a long time dream of mine come true. I was finally able to drive a *** on a racetrack and the coaching I received from *** was outstanding!!
August 4, 2023
Second time to Speed Vegas. Awesome experience. Staff are so professional and the experience of driving exotic cars is an “only in Vegas” experience. Highly recommend!
July 31, 2023
July 31, 2023
Great experience, buying extra laps upfront is wise. By the time you adjust to the track and car it's over in 5 laps. I got 7 laps in my second car of the day and it really was me exciting not to mention the best lap of my day was my final 12th lap. Overall a great experience. Instructors are knowledgeable are pleasant personality wise. Will be returning.
July 31, 2023
Everything went better than expected. Went to celebrate my sons 15th birthday & we both had an amazing time. We had a great time. Being able to lounge & watch the cars was my favorite.
July 23, 2023
Registration and *** support were great. Customer support was impressive. As an example: when we thought we were going to be late for our appointment we called and got a real person who assured us that we would be taken care of regardless of arrival time. i would recommend Vegas Supercars -- and have recommended it in the past.
July 18, 2023
*** gave me the chance to rip around a track on a *** to confirm that I wanted to buy one. I had a great time on the course today, and I'll be back!
July 16, 2023
Instructor was amazing and made sure I got my value on the track.
July 6, 2023
This was an amazing experience! Highly recommend!
July 6, 2023
What a blast! I was able to drive the ***, a real carbon fiber racing car. *** was a great instructor and made the racing even more enjoyable. I’d highly recommend both *** and *** as an instructor.
July 5, 2023
Awesome time good ***
June 29, 2023
I did a drifting ride along and it was an amazing experience. From check-in to the ride things were very well handled. It was almost a week ago and I still have a smile from the ride.
June 22, 2023
I spent ***. *** was a fantastic, top-notch instructor who was both very friendly and compelling. Outstanding, 5 stars; he really made the whole experience for me.
June 21, 2023
It's a blast !
June 21, 2023
This place was so busy but we didn't even feel it. The staff is so organized and Justin kept us informed whole we waited for our turn to get in the car.
June 21, 2023
Very thorough, safe & FUN!!!!
June 21, 2023
I had an amazing time at the facility . The customer service was on point from the time I arrived until I left. The ladies did a great job at the front desk. The 30 minute class before driving was very informative and helped me before driving. I recommend everyone listen because it definitely makes a difference in your driving experience. The guy that was in the car with me made the drive better than I expected. He made it fun and exciting all at the same time. I would definitely come back whenever I come back to Vegas.
June 21, 2023
My son has autism and Down’s syndrome. For his 16th birthday we took him here for an experience, and the entire staf was amazing. He had a BLAST, and was grinning from ear to ear for hours afterwards. If you are like us and have a kiddo that loves to go fast, I’d loook no further.
June 13, 2023
Great experience, Kareem was a great instructor. Definitely going back
June 9, 2023
Steve was so patient and kind during my experience. I enjoyed it so much and would definitely be back!
June 9, 2023
Awesome experience, everyone was a professional to deal with.
June 9, 2023
Excellent customer service along with an excellent driving experience, I will no doubt be doing this again next time in Vegas! Word of advice, spend the money on the extra laps. It will take you at least 5 to become familiar with the machine and comfortable with the track.
June 7, 2023
I enjoyed my driving experience. It was a lot of money.